Sugar Pit Cured Beef Rib

The King of beef ribs. This extra-large beef rib is cured in a mix of salt and sugars by Hannan Meats to produce one of the best cured meat products we have ever tasted. Couple that with 7 hours in our smoker over oak and cherrywood and we have a very beautiful thing. A little sweet, sticky and unctuous.

  • 300-400g of Meat
  • Rare-breed Shorthorn beef from Hannan Meats
  • Cured in a mixed sugar cure- slightly, sweet, sticky and unctuous
  • Smoked over Cherry & Oak
  • Ideal for Barbecues, sandwiches, stews and tacos
  • Can be frozen
  • Chilled & Vac-packed for that ‘just-out-of-the-smoker freshness’
  • Easy to reheat

september, 2020