Date: Choice of next available course dates

Venue: TBC

Level: Beginner – Enthusiast

Course Type: Hands-on

Course Duration: 4 hrs

Times: TBC

Price: €130

Includes: Lunch & refreshments, smoking starter-pack of charcoal and smoking wood

*Courses are limited to 10 per day. We reserve the right to amend or cancel a course date up to 24 hours in advance in the event of bad weather or if a course does not reach capacity. In the unlikely event that this occurs, your booking will be accommodated on a future date or a full refund will be issued.




BBQ Basics Course
This is not your average BBQ course, this is the course we teach new and experienced chefs starting in restaurants and at our events. It is a base set of skills that enables anybody and everybody to master the art of grilling and smoking over live fire, with easy to learn techniques, tips, and tricks of the trade. Whether you’re a BBQ novice or a BBQ enthusiast, you will leave with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to smoke, roast and grill outdoors, over fire,  365 days a year. 

Course Outline:

Grills, Fire Management & Techniques
Get started with the lowdown on grill and barbecue types, fuel selection, indirect vs direct cooking methods, fire management and some expert cleaning tips.

Rubs, Sauces & Baste’s
Learn the importance of building layers of flavour with rubs, sauces and herb basting brushes.

Smokin’ Chicken
Our most common request; ‘how to safely cook chicken on the BBQ’… No, it doesn’t require an oven. Just fire, smoke, and the know-how. We’ll show you how to cook melt-in-your-mouth smoky chicken- straight from the fires of Fowl Play. During this session, you will also learn how to turn your BBQ into an outdoor oven to cook everything from chickens to larger roasting joints of meat.

Super Sides  
Refreshing ‘slaw, ember cooked ‘dirty’ sweet potatoes and the importance of pickles- we’ll show you how to make some super side dishes to accompany your meaty delights. 

Grilling The Perfect Steak  
Who doesn’t want to know how to grill the perfect steak? Melt-in-your-mouth, charred, beefy goodness- we’ll cover all the different cuts, what to look for at the butcher counter, and how to finally grill THE perfect steak.

End of Day
Family style fire-cooked meal washed down with complimentary cold beer, wine, and soft drinks.


About Us
Our goal is to deliver a BBQ course that encourages cooking over live fire using charcoal and wood. One that offers the skills, knowledge, and confidence to cook anything and everything, over a fire, wherever you are. Started by Andy Noonan Co-founder, and curator of The Big Grill BBQ Festival and co-owner of Fowl Play BBQ restaurant, our courses are run by people who work in the BBQ business day-to-day. From running BBQ festivals and events, to in the restaurant; we’ve cooked with some of the worlds’ best Pitmasters and Asadors building up a wealth of meaty knowledge from the Deep South USA, to the streets of Sao Paolo and Buenos Aires, ready to share with anybody that will still listen.


The Team

Andy Noonan

Andy Noonan
Co-founder, and curator of The Big Grill BBQ Festival and co-owner of Fowl Play BBQ restaurant and Baste. Andy is responsible for everything you see, smell, eat, drink and learn at The Big Grill as well as founding and cooking at Fowl Play. From designing grills, pits, and contraptions to cook whole cows- he has traveled a BBQ trail of the world, building up a wealth of live-fire cooking knowledge, cooking with some of the worlds top pitmasters.

Rama Basilio

Rama Basilio
Hailing from Buenos Aires, now based in Madrid. Rama is a true Asador. A trained chef, he grew up cooking for friends, family and professionally at events and restaurants. He has toured the Uk & Irish food festival circuit cooking with top chefs and pitmasters, his ‘Chimihendrix’ was the stuff of fame and became the star condiment of many a festival dish.

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