Big K Restaurant Grade Charcoal 15kg Box

This is the charcoal of choice for restaurants, professionals and pitmasters across Ireland and U.K.

  • 2 hour + burn time
  • easy to light
  • no spitting or sparks
  • packaged in a box to prevent breakage
  • perfect for robata and yakitori grills and backyard grills & smokers
  • great for low and slow cooks

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Natural premium grade charcoal briquettes. Extremely long burning, these briquettes offer an extremely consistent heat with no odour. Perfect for long slow cooks and keeping your grill at a steady temperature. Ideal for generating and maintaining heat during smoking. We use them for in Fowl Play, Baste and at The Big Grill.

100% natural compressed restaurant grade charcoal briquettes
Made from wood waste with no binders
Ready to cook within 45 minutes with over 3 hours cooking time
Authorised for use in smoke controlled areas
Central hole to aid airflow for even burning
Best used in combination with Big K’s Chilla-Grilla charcoal