Here’s the lowdown:
A BBQ feast served directly from the smoker & grill

*New* Wine List Available

Covered outdoor area
Fire pits
Lovely big tables
South-facing & sunny (most of the time!) yard
Spacious, distanced clean and safe
Winter cosy
Bookable for  groups and get-togethers and company days
2 courses €35pp / 3 courses €40pp (add cheese or Ice Cream)

All our meat is free-range or from rare-breed animals, served straight from the smoker and grill and sliced to order. We cook over natural lump wood charcoal and Irish Oak.


2 courses €35pp / 3 courses €40pp

A service charge of 12.5% will be applied to groups of 6 or more

Gluten 2:Crustaceans 3:Eggs 4:Fish
5:Peanuts 6:Soybeans 7:Dairy 8:Nuts
9:Celery 10:Mustard 11:Sesame 12:Sulphur Dioxide
13: Lupin 14: Molluscs

Our Turkey

Free-Range Woodland Bronze Turkeys from Hogans Farm, brined and smoked low ‘n’ slow over cherry & oak.
“A slow rearing turkey breed, this particular bronze breed is from a strain of the Original American Wild Black Turkey. By Christmas, the Woodland Bronze will be at least seven months old not 10-12 weeks like some other turkeys. This natural process of slow rearing, natural free -foraging produces a turkey like no other in terms of depth in flavour and succulence. They are free to roam 24 hours a day, foraging in the woodlands feeding off the holly tree berries and foliage.

Bookings via resdiary only, a deposit of €10pp required to book, terms & conditions apply. Please contact us for bookings over 12 people.
Due to restrictions, we are operating a no-choice menu only and cannot accommodate any specific dietary requirements. We hope you understand 😉


Terms. conditions & Cancellation Policy:
We can accept cancellation and changes up to 48 hours ahead of your booking. In the event of a no-show, a charge of €30 per person will be applied to your booking card. Tables will be held for a maximum of 15 minutes from your booking time, we reserve the right to release your table and charge a no-show fee (€30pp) if it is not filled within 15 minutes of your booking time.